Review of Energy Future Talk and Annual General Meeting


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TALK: Our Energy Future: bright or dim?

Simon Tytherleigh gave a stimulating talk on the future of renewable energy, citing evidence that shows that solar PV & other green technologies are increasing at a far greater rate than expected and are increasingly offering the cheapest form of off-peak electricity. The growth is being driven by market forces and technological advances in the private sector and it is anticipated that there will be a chain reaction of innovations which will continue the upward trend of renewables to the extent that the use of fossil fuels will become obsolete within a few decades.

It was an exciting and extremely positive message: The future is bright - the future is green!

Simon's presentation with notes




Sarah Green (chair), Charles Mossman (vice chair), Anne Tucker (treasurer)

Linda Lever, Jill Baines, Gerald Conyngham, Ian Doswell, Nick Way, Chris Tucker, Ed Sharpe, Tony Gale, Judy Gale, Nicola Frost, Mick Dumper, John Everitt, Paul Bright, Amy Bright


Esther Mann, Sam Robbins, Anton Massey, John Downes, Paula Mossman

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising


Treasurer's Report

Anne Tucker presented a summary of the audited accounts which showed a net loss of £154 for the year ending 31st Dcember 2016 with a positive balance of £4,072. Our thanks to the auditor Peter Moffatt.

A summary of outgoings/income for events in 2016 was also circulated.

Group Reports

Each action group presented their highlights from 2016 and outlined their plans for this year. This was followed by a short presentation by affiliate groups: Plough & Share Credit Union (Jill Baines) and the Crediton Flood Resilience Group (Tony Gale).

Election of Core Group and Officers

Sarah Green reported that Esther Mann & Sam Robbins were standing down from their roles within the Core Group.

The following people were re-elected:

  • Chair: Sarah Green
  • Vice-Chair: Charles Mossman
  • Treasurer: Anne Tucker
  • Town Council representative: John Downes
  • Other members: Mick Dumper, Anton Massey

John Everitt volunteered to take up the role of Action Group leader for the Transport Group and also join the Core Group.

The following vacancies remain unfilled: 

  • Secretary
  • PR representative

Any Other Business

Anne Tucker reported that the Crediton Community Bookshop has been shortlisted for the Independent Bookshop Of The Year Awards and encouraged people to support the nomination by voting for them as their Favourite Independent Bookshop.

Sarah Green outlined an idea for a potential new way of working within Sustainable Crediton, focusing on specific projects with a permanent "Ideas Hub". This will be discussed by the Core Group over the next few months and they would greatly feedback and/or appreciate alternative ideas.


Gerald Conyngham thanked the Core Group for their ongoing efforts. Sarah Green thanked all members for their ongoing support. The meeting ended at approximately 9:30pm.

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