Two more ways to stop plastic pollution

28 February 2018

Plastic Pollution Coalition 


Check out these two ways to stop plastic pollution today! Submit your ideas to reduce plastic in markets and tell Starbucks to stop trashing the planet.  

1. Solve this challenge with us.  We need your ideas to move markets and grocery stores away from using so much plastic. Watch the video on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and SHARE using #DrasticPlastic.  Download the app here and get started adding your ideas and voting on the best ones.

Good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere! (Note: The app is in iOS for Beta, sign up here to join the android version coming soon.) 


2. Tell Starbucks: Don't trash our planet with plastic.  Did you know Starbucks serves 4 billion non-recyclable plastic-lined paper cups per year, along with masses of single-use plastic lids, its signature green straws, and cutlery? 

In 2008, Starbucks said it would serve a 100% recyclable paper cup and increase reusables to 25% by 2015. To date, it hasn't done either.

Tell Starbucks to live up to its promises now.

Thank you for taking action to protect animal and human health, waterways and oceans, and our environment.


The PPC Team