Review of Repair It Event


Crediton Methodist Church Hall, Union Road, EX17 3AW GoogleMap

Saturday's first community repair event in Crediton saw fifteen people bring twenty broken electrical items for the menders to work their magic on.  Recycle Devon's Re-use Project is running a series of REPAIR IT events across Devon for household electrical appliances and computers. 

Based on London's Restart events five menders volunteered their time and skills, namely Mike whose day job is working on the technical side for a renewable energy company; Trevor - who used to work in telecoms and Ashley who has an engineering background as well as local computer repair business PC MOT.  The electrical menders were basically non-stop as soon as the morning started but surprisingly, not a single computer came through the door for PC MOT so we kept them busy with a couple of printers and mobile phones instead!

60% of the items that came into the event were 'progressed' in some way - which is to say either fixed, diagnosed, improved or at least the person bringing the item knew where to go next for help.  Everybody who came got some kind of answer to their problem - even if that was 'sorry but I don't think that's fixable' - at least they had more of an idea why not and the knowledge that they'd tried their best. 

Thanks so much to all of the menders and people who brought their broken stuff along.  We're hopeful that with the support of Crediton Methodist Church and Recycle Devon's re-use project that this event can happen again some time next year. 



A Repair It Event is being held for anyone to bring along small electrical items (including computers) no longer working to see if they can be fixed. Experts will be on hand to look at the item with you, and if it is possible help to fix it - at NO CHARGE!

Tiverton already run a regular monthly Repair It event and many people have saved the expense of having to buy a new appliance, having had their old one repaired.  There is no catch - the aim is to mend rather than ditch an item that can be repaired - helping you and the planet.

Repairs will be done on a first come, first served basis so please be prepared to wait.

Please note that we won't be able to mend CRT TVs and monitors, electric blankets or microwaves, for safety reasons.

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