Save money, make friends, car share!

8 April 2022

April sees the start of Sustainable Crediton's campaign to Get Crediton Carsharing. Of course this is for all outlying villages too. With the price of petrol rising there couldn't be a better time to start carsharing. It's good for the environment, the community and the people who take part. Devon County Council have a Devon wide Carsharing community with the company Lift share. To get started go to then just follow the instructions. Be sure to follow the instruction to activate your account through your email. If you prefer you can get the Liftshare app on your phone. It's called Liftshare Companion in your app store and it's free. You can then join Carshare Devon through the app. There are even separate communities for certain places of work like the RD&E. It can be used for both regular and one off journeys. You can have message conversations with potential matches to make arrangements or to get a sense if you feel good about sharing a car with this person. You could even meet up beforehand if you want.

The website and app have lots of FAQs to answer your questions and help you get started. It's worth putting in your journey multiple times because the algorithm's brain is limited and won't pick up that you would travel through somewhere. For example if you live in Crediton and are offering a lift to Exeter you might also put in Newton St Cyres to Exeter to pick up lifts. Conversely if you are looking for a lift also put in Copplestone ,Bow and Lapford to Exeter.

Be patient you might not at first get a match. The more people who join the better it works. Hopefully you will see posters about and flyers with more information will be handed out and available from the library and other venues. If you would like a poster of some flyers for your place of work or any other appropriate venue get in touch at . We would love to hear other success stories or indeed get in touch is you need support.

If you would like flyers about Carsharing for your place of work or other venues contact us and we will get them to you.

Christina Dymond