Hiyacar peer to peer car hire / share

Need a car, and attracted to a car share arrangement? Hiyacar might be worth looking at. The text below is taken from their website and does not constitute an endorsement by Sustainable Crediton. Looks to be of interest though.

'Want to share your car, maybe not with the wider world, but with your local community? Have a group of similarly sustainably-minded friends that want to share access to their cars? Maybe you've noticed a few too many cars on the roads recently, that are gathering dust and fancy getting them back on the road again, by putting forward the idea of car sharing on your street?

Hiyacar has the solution. Easy, efficient (and even enjoyable!) closed loop car sharing, via our easy-to-use app-based platform! Getting your closed loop set up is quick and easy, and all parties are covered by our bespoke car sharing insurance, meaning that whether you're sharing your car, or driving someone else's, that everyone is covered! 

Help your local community travel more sustainably. Get idle cars in your area in use - help lessen the amount of privately owned vehicles by showing your local community that it is possible (and great fun) to share vehicles amongst yourselves and that for some users it may be more financially viable to sell their vehicle and rely on sharing entirely! 

Car sharing helps reduce overall car usage and single-use car ownership. In turn, this helps reduce congestion, frees up parking spaces (as those with two cars may realise they can sell one and share the other, or those that only need occasional car access may even be enticed to sell theirs) and helps improve air quality!'

Sarah Alsbury