Boniface Trail promotion event?

For the benefit of those who may not know, there is a long standing proposal to create a dedicated shared use trail from Crediton to Exeter, known as the Boniface Trail.

This would provide a safe cycle route to Exeter, as well as a valuable amenity for walkers, runners etc.

Whilst a good deal of preliminary planning has taken place, the difficulty as always, is money. After a long period during which little seems to have happened, we now understand that there is to be a public consultation on two possible routes. Keep an eye on the newsletter for further information.

Our Climate Action Team is considering organising an event to support and publicise the Boniface Trail. This may take the form of a group bike ride along part of the route, or something similar. I'm sure that tea / coffee / cake / cafe would be part of the formula! Perhaps a social cycling group might emerge from such an event? That would be good.

If you would be interested in taking part in such an event and meeting up with like-minded people, please contact Dave Harris via the link on this page.


John Craythorne