Some Like it Hot?

Considered by many as the greatest comedy film of all time Billy Wilder's masterpiece starred Marylin Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis and has one of the best and witty screenplays ever written.

People may wish for the climate to be 'HOTTER' and 2023 has been confirmed by several international climate services as the hottest year on record with average global temperatures exceeding 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels for the entire year. Remember this is the target agreed at the Paris Agreement in 2015 (COP21) where 196 countries (including the UK) entered a legally binding treaty to keep around this target mainly though reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (largely generated through burning fossils fuels).

It is true that the natural climate heating effect of El Nino over the last few months has not helped in this man-made climate crisis but scientists are also concerned by the 'astonishing' recent rise in surface sea temperatures.

So how might these global temperature rises affect us here in Devon? Warmer air carries more water so the chances of even more severe storms and heavy rain causing flooding and disruption here are becoming greater.

But would you 'Like it Cold'? There is evidence from organisations such as the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) that as a consequence of increasing air and water temperatures that the currents such as the Gulf Stream that bring warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to us here in Northern Europe are weakening. If they do collapse, as some scientists predict, then we would be looking at the COOLING of our climate here in England by as much as 5 to 10 degrees over the next few decades. This would make it far harder to grow our own food and heat our homes and generate a whole range of other detrimental effects on our lives.

So what can we do here in Crediton to help alleviate these catastrophic scenarios? Driving less, flying less, making our homes more energy efficient, regenerating our natural habitats and eating less meat would be good places to start!

Alan Murray, Sustainable Crediton Climate Action Team