'Messages for Mel' dispatched for COP26

30 October 2021

You will probably be aware that we used our Green Fair in the Square and our subsequent relaunch event, to gather messages on sustainability to pass on to our MP, Mel Stride, in time for COP26.

These have been collated in leaflet form (below) which is now with Mel Stride.

Thank you everyone who contributed, and special thanks to Jeanette Brown for design, and to the Mayor, Councillor Liz Brookes-Hocking for her work in gathering comments from our schools and for the Town Council's support with producing the leaflet.

You may recall that several months ago Core Group wrote to Mel Stride asking for a meeting to discuss our concerns about climate change. So far, he has been unable to offer us an appointment.

We will let you know if and when we receive a response from him to this leaflet.

Messages to Mel 1


Messages to Mel 2