Inner Transition Work: Could it benefit YOU?

Two groups meet regularly in Exeter to assist with the changes within ourselves that are necessary if we are to create and adjust to the new sustainable society we aim to create. They are:

A Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Practice Group.

This group continues to thrive and meets every third Thursday of the month, at the Global Centre, St David's Hill Exeter, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Group members bring conflictual issues and disagreements from everyday life, both personal and political. The approach is nonjudgmental and involves an empathic understanding and connection with the experience of self and other(s) within a group context of mutual respect and confidentiality. If you are new to NVC and want to learn more, contact me as we hope to set up a second group in the near future in which anyone can participate.

There is a fee of £2.00 per session per night for current members.

Creating Transition through Intuition

This group follows up the 5-step programme for sourcing intuition. A group has been meeting to use and practice the technique, to explore individual and common social and eco issues. We have agreed to meet every two months, and hope to add this intuitive process with its potential for new energy, creativity and paradigm change into the Transition Town process within our communities.

For more information email Paula. Sign in to see more contact details..