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We ask ourselves the question .... Is climate change really happening, are the earth's precious resources of water, oil, minerals, productive soil and food really on a critical path to serious, life threatening decline? 
We ask the question but in our hearts most of us already know that the answer is YES. But still we may procrastinate about taking any personal action. Still we blame government and big business for the plight of our world and feel powerless to make the personal changes we know in our hearts are necessary. Why is this? We may puzzle over this conundrum for years whilst feeling rooted in concrete about making changes in our lives. 
Our Hearts and Souls initiative is about making that Inner Transition which is what it is often called. It is about acknowledging all these feelings and fears and working through them so that we feel powerful, in control, and able to redesign our own lives to live by a more sustainable model. By doing so we become an example to others and we also become the change we so desire to see in the world. 

A good starting point for making this happen is the work of Joanna Macy called The Great Turning. Joanna is an established and  well respected author and speaker on this subject who also facilitates workshops and courses on coming to terms with the reality of the earth's current situation and moving forward. Her work makes us realise that we are not alone and that the fear and anguish we may be feeling is a shared experience.

See our review of Joanna Macy's book 'Coming Back to Life' and companion DVD 'The Work that Reconnects'
At present Sustainable Crediton do not have an active Hearts & Souls support group in Crediton. We are seeking to start one in the near future and if you would like to get involved please do get in touch.
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