Allotment News

28 November 2023

The Community Allotment is dormant at the moment (March 2024).  More news later ......




The tail end of autumn and the hints of winter mean the tasks of the allotment change. We have still managed to harvest little round carrots from the standing trug. The chard is doing really well and despite not being netted the pigeons seem to be leaving it for us. After a frost we have harvested the first of the Jerusalem Artichokes. The leeks aren't very big this year so we'll probably leave them to see if they put on some growth at the end of the winter before harvesting them.

The broad beans got sown the first week of November and have started poking their heads above ground and we planted out a few strawberry runners.

The main tasks of November and indeed December and January will be construction and tidying. We have already laid one new path and started laying a new bed. We hope to get lots of compost and well rotted horse manure to make the new bed 'no dig' and to rejuvenate the other beds. We will also be moving the two apple trees from the land we gave back to the allotment association to our allotment.


It would be great to put up a hedgehog house for the hedgehogs if anyone is feeling crafty.


Christina Dymond