Wild Flower Garden Watch Slideshow 6 - August

The wild flower patch has been a picture to behold, with swarms of insects, bees and butterfies making regular visits. The array of various delicate poppies have been beautiful.

Some of the earlier flowers have now set seed and are dropping onto the soil.  The gardener has been saving some seed to use next year, just in case certain seeds do not survive the winter in the ground.

The die back is starting to happen, but miraculously, there has been a second spurt of growth on many plants, with some perennials already laying the foundations for next years growth.  

Although the flower patch is now beginning to look a little dishevelled, attempts to curb the feeling that a tidy up is required have been successful so far!  

The bees are still coming to the flowers and on sunny days, if one shuts your eyes, it is the sound of a summer's day, even though September is upon us.