Community Allotment closing

We are closing the Crediton Community Allotment. It's been an interesting, often rewarding but also hard time running the Community Allotment since we took it over from Westbank in 2021. Ultimately it seems there just aren't many people who wish to be part of a community allotment here in Crediton so we have decided to end the project. I think a big factor in this is that unlike many other communities we don't have a long waiting list for allotments here in Crediton which is a good thing.

Some of the tools will be going to other Sustainable Crediton projects such as the pollinator group. The rest plus the big things like the shed, picnic table, water butts and paving slabs are off to the Four Mills Lane Project run by Turning Tides. This feels like such a great project to support and as they had just removed a shed that had become derelict the timing is good. Some of the equipment will be held and used by Turning Tides but will hopefully be linked in to the Make and Mend Project when that gets off the ground.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project and special thanks to Terry Hadley and the Turning Tides Project folk for doing such a great job of dismantling and moving all that stuff which was a huge job in itself.

Christina Dymond

And a huge thank you from Core Group to Christina, for all her efforts in setting up and running this project for the past three years

Below: packing up at the allotment:thanks everyone for your help