Stuffed - positive action to prevent a global food crisis

Pat Thomas


Book cover for "Stuffed" by Pat Thomas

Stuffed presents a global perspective on food production and agriculture and proposes a sustainable and fairly traded path we can follow to secure food for all and protection for the planet.

With chapters on your kitchen through to global systems via your garden, schools, community, and a insight into food issues in cities and on farms, Stuffed takes a political and personal look at the way that food systems influence, and can be influenced by, our choices.

Written by Patricia Thomas (former editor of The Ecologist), a preface by Michael Pollan, (The Omnivore's Dilemma, and In Defense of Food) and with contributing essays by respected experts, Monty Don, Geetie Singh, Jeanette Orrey, Rob Hopkins, Carolyn Steel, Peter Melchett, Patrick Holden, Vandana Shiva and Eric Schlosser. Published by Alastair Sawday Publishing in partnership with The Soil Association.

A couple of highlights include:

  • Monty Don tells us why small is not just beautiful but essential when it comes to food production and encourages us all to take matters into our own hands by growing our own.

  • In the kitchen Geetie Singh, owner of the only Soil Association-certified pub in the UK, explains how to stop wasting food and how to cook a feast by using leftovers and raiding the cupboards.

  • Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town network, describes importance of strengthening connections between individuals, and the benefits of keeping things local