Citizen Science Investigation: Lower Creedy Water Quality

15 May 2022

Here follows an informative assessment of water quality in the Lower Creedy, during 2021. This work has been carried out by the Westcountry Rivers Trust. If you would like to volunteer to collect data for further studies, contact the WRT on the email link.

Thanks to Sue Rowell, Volunteer Co-ordinator with WRT for supplying this report. Sue says:

'This shows the condition of the river downstream from Crediton and highlights the issues of pollution that it faces impacting our wildlife etc. We are hoping to initiate a more in depth project for the Creedy catchment as a whole following on from this evidence, in conjunction with the trust and other parties. I would be happy to provide more details to anyone interested in being involved.'

Creedy water qual 2021 1Creedy water qual 2021 2