Sustainable Crediton Wish Tree

8 December 2021

At our Green Fair in the Square back in September, we invited visitors to post their wishes for a more sustainable future on our wish tree. Here are the headlines from the wish tree:

  • More working together to increase involvement and to organise events;

  • Cycle lanes, both in town and from Crediton to Exeter;

  • More speed limits both locally and generally;

  • Reduce traffic - cheap / free public transport;

  • More charging points for electric bikes and cars;

  • Rewilding: more trees, woodland, sedum roofs for bus shelters;

  • More allotments, especially in the villages;

  • Stop herbicide use in public places;

  • Reduce unnecessary lighting;

  • Improved recycling information and facilities;

  • More support for young people and those with disabilities.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Where possible, these wishes will be reflected in what we do. As always, this is dependant upon having members who want to take action. If there is anything here which grabs you which you would like to get involved in, do contact us via our usual email

Terry Hadley