The Expedition

Jason Lewis


The Expedition trilogy by Jason Lewis is the story of the first human-powered circumnavigation of the Globe. It tells the story of how Jason spent over 13 years on a journey of 46,505 miles around the world purely by cycling, skating, rowing, kayaking,  pedal boating, swimming and walking. His trip was beset with many problems and difficulties with his life in danger on many occasions, but somehow he managed to survive and live to write the book!

At the end of the trip, Jason who is a sustainability advocate makes 7 suggestions to become part of the solution to a sustainable future, and not part of the problem. His suggestions are:

1. Adopt a plant-based diet

2. Use human power to get around more

3. Fix stuff when it breaks

4. Use water sparingly

5. Cut down on waste

6. Switch to renewable energy

7. Join the sharing economy