Join in Woodland Management Activity


CARPENTERS COTTAGE, Knowle, Crediton Hamlets EX17 5BX GoogleMap

Woodland Management of Significant Seams 'Creativity Acre' and shared meal,

13 April, 9:30-17:00

Free but booking is essential, an at your own risk event, full details are  here.

This session is a beginning, an imagining, an early harvest of potentiality. This overgrown and under-tended arboretum, with natural springs bubbling and sputtering, is rich with inspiration. We imagine it will become the site of co-creation, imagination, regeneration, and learning from nature.

What will that look like? We don't yet know!

The graft of clearance and harvest, and joy of breaking bread together feels an enriching first step. Let's work together and begin to imagine the future of Creativity Acre.

We'll be clearing (literal) deadwood from the area to make way for new growth and ideas. You are welcome to take away firewood with you from the cuttings and clearance material.

Please bring your own tools, and ensure they are in good working order. Though we will have people on hand who can offer advice and support, this is a participate at your own risk event.

Soup will be served at lunch time and there will be a hot meal at the end of the afternoon. We will likely gather at long tables in the Barn, unless the Sun is glorious, in which case we will undoubtedly be tempted to move to the garden areas.

We invite you to get your hands dirty and contribute to the gentle, eco-friendly tending of this enchanted space. Share your ideas and aspirations, imagine the support, creativity, and nourishment that could be happening here.

Lets begin a conversation, and the joyous work of realising a shared vision.