Crediton Benefice Community & Boniface Centre

Logo for Crediton Benefice Community


  • Low energy lighting in both Crediton and Sandford Churches

  • Improved control of gas heating in Crediton Church

  • Solar pv panels installed at Boniface Centre - 36,750kw generated so far and 56.7 tons of CO2 avoided

  • Energy efficient hand dryers installed at Boniface Centre

  • Green Loo installed at Shobrooke Church

  • Energy efficient heating installed at Shobrooke Church

  • Crediton registered as a Fairtrade Church

  • Church wildlife conservations areas

  • Recycling at Crediton Church and Boniface Centre


  • Introduce low-energy lighting at Shobrooke Church

  • Consider low-energy alternatives at all buildings

  • Register as Fairtrade Benefice


  • Explore installation pv panels where appropriate

  • Boniface Centre - continual assessment of energy efficiency as equipment replaced