About us

Photograph of Crediton Market Square

Sustainable Crediton, formerly know as Crediton Climate Action, is a growing group of local people who share concerns about the effects of Climate Change and increasingly expensive and scarce oil supplies. Our aim is to raise awareness in our community and also to mobilise action in order to respond effectively and positively to these challenges.

Sustainable Crediton is a member of the international Transition Town network that aims to inspire, support, train and connect communities that are exploring the transition from fossil fuel dependency towards local self sufficiency and a low carbon lifestyle. Transition NetworkThis will result in a life that is fulfilling, enjoyable, with community spirit and capable of coping with the challenges of climate change and scarce oil supplies. Crediton and the surrounding villages are an area of abundant natural resources plus a wide variety of human interests, expertise and skills. We can all profit by creating a future aimed at sharing and expanding upon this great base. For more information on what it means to be a Transition Town visit the Transition Towns website.

We focus on changing minds, changing expectations and changing what we do in our day to day lives to help our community become truly self supporting and resilient in the face of the coming challenges of climate change, peak oil and food insecurity.

This has never been more pressing than it is now. Climate change isn't something that will happen to future generations: it is happening right here, right now. Some parts of the world already suffer deeply and regularly with droughts, failed crops, dying livestock, floods, fires, destroyed homes and shattered lives.

we'll be all right, we'll get a Mediterranean climate

The often heard voice in the UK that says "we'll be all right, we'll get a Mediterranean climate" pales when considering what the Med itself might become. It falters when we realise that we import over 60% of our food, much from countries which in future may struggle to source enough water and increasingly expensive oil-based fertilizers to grow that food. It fades when we start to appreciate just how much we have based the very fabric of our lives on cheap supplies of oil, a world commodity that will peak in production within the next decade and then start to decline - for ever.

But the Transition Town approach we adopt isn't one of doom and gloom. It is about fostering a positive response to the challenges we face at a community level. It is about helping people to become aware, interested and willing to take steps to make a difference.

Increasing numbers of Transition communities such as ours are emerging across the UK and across the world. Join us in bringing our stories together and taking the first important steps to secure our future. When people unite in this way something wonderful happens and unimaginable change suddenly becomes possible.

So when your grandchildren ask you what you did to tackle the challenges that will undeniably shape the world they will inherit, what will you say? We invite you to become part of the solution, part of our story.