Join the Great Nurdle Hunt

4 January 2018

England's South West coastline is the first port of call for plastic litter washed up from the Atlantic Ocean by the gulf stream, which may be one reason why some of its beaches are so devastatingly polluted. Pellet sightings abound on both the South and North coasts of Cornwall and Devon.  A whopping (est.) 401,230 nurdles were collected during a clean-up of just one single cove in Tregantle, Cornwall with the organisation Rame Peninsula Beach Care.

New nurdles are washing up on our shores but we don't have detailed evidence of where they are coming from or how widespread the problem is. Findings from The Great Nurdle Hunt will help us show the local plastics industry the extent of the nurdle pollution on our shores.  So please visit your local beach and join the Great Nurdle Hunt!