Review of Waste Action Group May Meeting


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1. Present
Esther, Carolyn, Ruth, Polly, Nancy, Anne, Jill, Chris
Apologies: Imogen

2. Matters arising

a) Anne has not heard back from the Crediton Garden Club and Allotments  group about composting.
ACTION: still ongoing.
b) Chris has contacted Allan Quicke at the Crediton Courier re publishing a WAG tip of the week. Esther had sent him the list of ideas generated at the Exhibition in the Library. Our preferred option is one tip a week. His was that we send him a few and he will put them in as and when he has space.  However, he had published all the ideas from the exhibition at once.
ACTION: Nancy to send him one tip at a time.

3. Food Festival

Cooking from Waste Demonstration by Ruth of Ruth's Real Food and Tracey Agate from Tiverton's group.
ACTION: Ruth, Carolyn and Esther will meet them beforehand
Smoothie bike and   Stall
ACTION: Esther will collect Bike from Exeter on Friday 8th June. Ruth will return it on Monday 11th June.
ACTION: Nancy and Ruth to supply recipe for banana bread. Carolyn to bring almond milk (2 cartons)
ACTION: Carolyn to check with Rachel Luxton if there is space for the Bike by the stall.
ACTION: Esther to bring banner, literature, notice board and the large plastic bags. Ruth will supply pledge sheets, literature and base for Eat Well Banner to Esther beforehand.
There may be a shortage of volunteers.
ACTION: All to encourage friends & others to  volunteer
Buckets needed for cleaning plastic and chopping boards etc.
ACTION: Nancy to bring buckets; Esther to ask the Green House if it's OK to use their water on the day; Esther to bring washing up liquid.

4.  Future of Sustainable Crediton

Special AGM on 21st May at 7.30pm in the Boniface Centre, to determine its future, if there is to be one.
ACTION: All urged to attend, especially anyone willing to stand as Secretary or ordinary member of the core group.

5. Plastic and other projects for the future

a) At this point, Jill said she was standing down due to physical health/stamina problems.

b) Tony Buckland on Radio Devon always is looking for gardening tips. Anne suggested sending reuses of plastic in the garden.
ACTION: Anne to follow up
c) There is a Crediton Facebook page called Journey to Zero West with 88 members currently.
ACTION: Chris to contact it and at least make sure they know about the Crediton school girl recently made a Surfers against Sewage local representative but also to see if there is a possibility for joint working.
d) A suggestion from one of our volunteers was that WAG could offer volunteers to the local Recycling Centre to check the public was putting recyclables into the right places - the shop if it was suitable.
ACTION: Esther to reply and put her in touch with Catherine Causley who is working with recycling centres to train staff to do this.

e) Nancy mentioned an article "Journey of a plastic spoon" .

f) Carolyn showed a leaflet on reducing plastic produced for N Tawton residents which could be easily adapted for WAGs  to hand/send out.  
ACTION: Nancy and Carolyn to send articles to Anne to put on the website. Anne to send SC logo to Carolyn to add to the leaflet.

6. Devon Love Food, Hate Waste training day, 21st July, at Boniface Centre

ACTION: Anne to put Posters up in Sandford

ACTION Chris & Nancy to take part in the Q & A sessions in the afternoon, using their experience on projects such as Food cafes; Esther to supply them with the briefings she had used for the food cafes.

ACTION: Anne to send Ruth information on organisations relevant to the training day.

7. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 28th June, 5pm at Weatherspoons.


Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome!


Notes from last meeting 

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