Review of Waste Action Group June meeting


Wetherspoons, Crediton  GoogleMap


Present:  Esther, Anne, Polly, Caroline S, Chris F, Ruth L-W (love food hate waste), Emma

Apologies: Nancy, Imogen 




Matters Arising

  • ·         Anne heard back from the garden club, no volunteers for compost day at present. Need a garden to host event. ON HOLD
  • ·         Esther to follow up article on 'Journey of a plastic spoon'




Food festival feedback

  • ·         People felt it was hard work & various problems occurred. No one realised we weren't composting food. Maybe consider only plastic recycling in future. Need to discuss with future organiser of food festival.
  • ·         Caroline to send piece to Anne for newsletter




Radio Devon (Toby Buckland)

  • ·         He has appealed for tips on recycling in the garden. No further action



Lapstock (28th July)

  • ·         Clashes with Mid Devon show. offered free tickets in return for recycling plastic cups. No interest from North Tawton group. No interest from WAG. Esther to inform organiser (Pete)




Love Food Hate Waste 21st July Boniface Centre

  • ·         Nancy (tbc) & Chris to do a talk


Nancy & Chris

Food festival contacts

  • ·         Esther to follow up



Megan - surfers against sewage

  • ·         Chris to contact & invite to next meeting



Matt Holland - didn't attend food festival

  • ·         Invite to next meeting.



Clothes swap

  • ·         Possible dates : Saturday Nov 10th / 17th / 24th 10am-3pm (ish)
  • ·         Venues :  Emma to contact Boniface centre / Chris to contact congregational church
  • ·         Use café as a fund raiser
  • ·         Esther to send Emma Paula's info on running a clothes swap
  • ·         Ruth to contact Emma with council info on clothes swap
  • ·          



Chris / Emma


Sustainable Crediton Chatterbox Evening

  • ·         Sustainable Crediton Chatterbox session Thursday 26th July 7pm venue tbc




  • ·         Possibly use refill (water) picture




Next WAG Meeting : Monday 3rd Sept 7.30pm

Venue: Chris's house. 6 Western Villas, Crediton





Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome!


Notes from last meeting 

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