Review of Waste Action Group meeting


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1) Apologies

Carolyn, Chris


2) Matters Arising

All issues to be covered later on the agenda


3) Sustainable Crediton Seedshare on Sat 24th Feb

Discussion of how this could be organised. Decided for some soup to be made at home on 23rd and some to be made on 24th at Boniface Centre. Need to advertise names of donors of waste food at the event. Mel stated that the group at Tiverton providing monthly lunches from waste was now being called 'Rerooted'. The soil group are having a stall at each event as well as at the Crediton Seedshare. 

Action: Imogen to contact Stevie 'B's, Olivers and the Greenhouse to ask for waste food relevent to providing soup (veg, rolls, bread and any cakes  that are surplus) .Cakes could also be consumed at the event! To be collected by Imogen on 23rd Feb at the end of the day. 

Action: Esther to contact Morrisons, Tescos, Co-Op and any gardeners for surplus veg.

Action:  All to meet at Esthers on Friday 23rd at 6.30pm to make soup or possibly to work out what to cook at the Boniface Centre. 

Action:  All to look up suitable recipes for soup.

Action: Esther to contact volunteers to ask for help cooking and serving food.E sther to get butter, loose tea, milk. Already has tea bags, instant coffee, flour.

Action: Mel to bring stock box of herbs etc and large saucepans to Esther's house week commencing 19th Feb.


4) Possible events for 2018

Discussed having a community fridge. Mel stated that CHAT may organise this in Tiverton.

Food Festival

a) Recycling  If we were to do it this year then it would have to be done differently - connecting to an anaerobic digester, using coastal waste, PWS or a community compost scheme. However it was decided not tp go ahead this year.

Action: Esther to contact FF organisers to tell them that we would not be doing it this year.

b) Demonstration/Stall  Discussed providing a meal from waste food and providing info on cooking with waste food at the FF (9th and 10th June) Ideas -hire a chef, run Q and A sessions with 10 min demo.

Action: Mel to ask Tiverton contact if they would cook. Mel could also bring resources to set up a stand.

Action: Esther to contact FF organisers to ask how much space we could have and what day would be best.

Action: Anne to contact Hugh F Wittingstall to see if they can provide any conacts to run demo on using waste food 

Refill Devon Project

As plastic recycling is very current the group decided to take up this project.

Action: All to meet Mel at Ashtons at 10 am on 30th Jan 2018 to approach businesses. Mel to provide all resources for this.

Other ideas discussed

Campaigning on recyclable coffee cups? Water bottle depost scheme as in Braunton? Mass returning plastic wrapping to supermarkets?


5) Precious Plastic Project

Explained by Imogen and discussed by group.

Action: Imogen to contact PP and ask where the nearest one is. Also to contact MDDC, Devon County Council, DCC Recycle Devon website, beach cleaning groups, PWS.

Action: Jill to contact Punchbowl tip to ask what happens to their rigid plastic. 

Action: Mel to contact Tiverton group and liaise with Imogen.


6) Future structure of WAGs

Esther stated that she will standing down as leader of the group at the end of February.


7) AOB

Anne asked for members of the group to send her any interesting articles for the SC website. 


8) Date of next meeting

19/2/2018, 2.15 pm at Esthers house.


Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome!


Notes from last meeting 

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