Review of Waste Action Group meeting


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1) Aplogies



2) Matters Arising

a) Food Festival, Cookery event and Recycling ar Food Festival

WAG could have a stall on 9th June and a 40 minutes slot to do cookery demo. 

Mel had made some enquiries re chef for the event. She will follow this up further. Also Anne had made enquiries and will follow these up again.

b) Refill Project

Now complete, with about 14 businesses signing up. Very successful. 

Action - Mel to send list of signed up businesses to Anne for website and newsletter.

c) Precious Plastic Project

Imogen not yet worked on this. 


3) Arrangements for soup making at Seedshare 

Action - Esther to pick up veg from supermarkets etc on Friday, Imogen to pick up bread and cakes. All to meet at Esthers at 6.30 on Friday 23rd to organise recipes and to meet at Boniface Centre at 8.30/9 am on 24th. All to bring tablecloths, liquidisers. Mel asked that if we use up spices from box, then we replace them. One soup should be gluten free.


4) Future of WAGs group

Discussion about taking minutes, setting agenda, venue, times of meeting etc. as Esther has stood down as Group Coordinator.

Decided to rotate meeting place. The person whose house it is chairs the meeting, does the minutes, provides biscuits and sets the agenda for the next meeting. Esther still to be the contact on Sustainable Crediton (SC) website and Anne to be responsible for SC website  and newsletter content for WAG. Esther stated that she wanted members of the group to take on heading up projects. 


5) Display at Crediton Library for Reuse week, commencing 5th March

Action - Mel and Imogen to put together display about Refill project, using Courier pictures etc. Crediton Library have offered a 2 metre display area. 


6) Food Festival cookery event

Carolyn offered to take this on. Dicussion of whether to offer recycling as well. Need to pinpoint exactly what recycling we could offer e.g. Carolyn could take plastic, Nancy has offered to collect compostable material.

Action - Mel to follow up on contacts for person to do cookery dem,  Emma Croft, Shane Jordan etc.Mel can provide smoothie bike. 

Action - Esther to contact FF organiser and then pass all info onto Carolyn.

Action - Jill to ask Coastal Waste about their recycling.

Action - Mel to liaise with Carolyn about using Holsworthy anerobic digester for compostable materials.

Action - Anne to ask MDDC how their recycling will be affected by China's recent decision on plastics. 


7) AOB

Mel reported that Ann Varker will be running a repair cafe, no date yet.

Anne reported that WAG had £10 funds remaining from Give and Take grant.. All agreed that this could go into SC fund.

Possible future campaigns - Tool and Share, Coffee Cups. 

Imogen will liase with QE school re 'Refill' and send info to all. 


8) Date of Next Meeting

Monday 26th March at Carolyns, 2.30 pm. All to liaise re car share.Esther to do agenda


Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome!


Notes from last meeting 

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