3rd September 2018

Waste Action Group meeting

Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome! Notes from last meeting ...

10th July 2018

Waste Group at the Crediton Food Festival

The Waste Group worked in co-operation with the 'Love Food, Hate Waste' (LFHW) project run by Resource Futures. This featured a cookery demonstration using household surplus food that we may all have at home, transforming it into a delicious meal. Watched by an audience of around 50, Ruth Beckley f ...

28th June 2018

Waste Action Group June meeting

Present: Esther, Anne, Polly, Caroline S, Chris F, Ruth L-W (love food hate waste), Emma Apologies: Nancy, Imogen Item Action Matters Arising · Anne heard back from the garden club, no volunteers for compost day at present. Need a garden to host event. ON HOLD · ...

9th June 2018

Crediton Food Festival

In the 10th year of the Crediton food Festival the Waste Action Group are demonstrating in some fun ways how not to waste food and what to do with leftovers. Ruth of Ruth's Real Foods will be doing a demonstration at 11am with some simple recipes to use surplus food with tips and hints on cutting ...

10th May 2018

Waste Action Group May Meeting

1. Present Esther, Carolyn, Ruth, Polly, Nancy, Anne, Jill, Chris Apologies: Imogen 2. Matters arising a) Anne has not heard back from the Crediton Garden Club and Allotments group about composting. ACTION: still ongoing. b) Chris has contacted Allan Quicke at the Crediton Courier re publ ...

29th March 2018

Changes in the Waste Action Group

Esther Mann has been the Waste Action Group co-ordinator for the last three years and has now stepped down from the post. The group has decided to share the role around the group on a rotational basis. Although Esther is stepping back from that post, she will still be active within the group &a ...

29th March 2018

Green Award for North Tawton Plastic Recycling Group

Winner of the 'West Devon Mayoral Green Award' for 2018 was the North Tawton Plastics Recycling Volunteer Group. Sustainable Crediton member, Carolyn Scott helped to set up this group as the local council do not provide kerbside facilities for recycling plastic. The dedicated group of volunteer ...

9th March 2018

Refill Exhibition at Crediton Library

Details of all the outlets in Crediton offering to refill water bottles free of charge will be displayed in an exhibit in the Library. ...

28th February 2018

Two more ways to stop plastic pollution

Check out these two ways to stop plastic pollution today! Submit your ideas to reduce plastic in markets and tell Starbucks to stop trashing the planet. 1. Solve this challenge with us. We need your ideas to move markets and grocery stores away from using so much plastic. Watc ...

14th February 2018

Fishy Filaments

How one company is recycling marine plastics Based in Cornwall, Fishy Filaments started with a Crowdfunding campaign with the aim to make the UK fishery more sustainable and take used fishing nets to transform them into 3D printer filament. The raw materials can normally be acquired at zero cos ...

Logo for AVAAZ.org - the world in action
31st January 2018

Plastic Free Supermarkets in the UK now!

Our biggest supermarkets have become plastic waste factories, churning out more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging every year! That's enough to cover the whole of Greater London in trash, and it's helping to choke our oceans, kill our wildlife, even contaminate our tap water.

But 200 cross-party MPs have just called on the UK's biggest supermarkets, like Tesco, Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer, to ditch plastic packaging within five years. If enough of us get behind them, we can supercharge their plea and get rid of a huge source of plastic pollution for good!

Join the call for plastic-free supermarkets and share with everyone you know. When we get to 200,000 signatures, we'll deliver the message in person to stores up and down the country.

To the CEOs of Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl, Budgens and Marks & Spencer:

As citizens concerned about the serious threat of plastic pollution to our planet and customers of your supermarkets, we call on you to commit to eliminate plastic packaging by 2023. Your bold leadership on this issue can make a real difference for the planet and inspire hundreds of other supermarkets to join across the world.

Any premises displaying this logo will refill your water bottle free of charge
31st January 2018

Refill Crediton

Volunteers from Sustainable Crediton's Waste Action Group have been signing up businesses for a new scheme to offer passers-by the chance to refill reusable water bottles with tap water for free, as part of a wider initiative. Refill Devon builds on the success of Refill around the UK, which now b ...

Logo for Greenpeace
20th January 2018

Fed up with supermarket plastic packaging?

News - UK supermarket chain Iceland has just announced their own-brand packaging is going plastic-free!

Many of us have felt the frustration of over-packaged food in our weekly shop - whether it's bagged bananas or shrink-wrapped broccoli. And this concern is justified - UK supermarkets currently generate a whopping one million tonnes of plastic packaging every year.

Please sign the petition and tell supermarkets to ditch disposable plastic packaging!



Sign the petition



Supermarkets stock thousands of different global brands, and to target them all would be slow progress. But when it comes to their own brand products, supermarkets have the power to drastically reduce the plastic on their shelves.

The recent ban on exporting waste to China has highlighted just how urgent this plastic crisis is - our recycling systems can't keep up with the vast quantities of plastic that the UK is producing every day.

Governments and corporations must take action to reduce the amount of plastic that's being produced in the first place - and supermarkets have a crucial role to play.

Please add your name and tell supermarkets to go plastic free.



Sign the petition




15th January 2018

Waste Action Group meeting

1) Apologies Carolyn, Chris 2) Matters Arising All issues to be covered later on the agenda 3) Sustainable Crediton Seedshare on Sat 24th Feb Discussion of how this could be organised. Decided for some soup to be made at home on 23rd and some to be made on 24th at Boniface Centre. Need t ...

4th January 2018

Join the Great Nurdle Hunt

England's South West coastline is the first port of call for plastic litter washed up from the Atlantic Ocean by the gulf stream, which may be one reason why some of its beaches are so devastatingly polluted. Pellet sightings abound on both the South and North coasts of Cornwall and Devon. A whopp ...