Review of Waste Action Group Open Meeting


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1) Apologies-Jill and Anne, Coreen

2)Feedback from Grubs Up event-

All felt that event went very well.3 feedback slips. Had £76 donations, expenses £53. Felt that Evenbrite system for invites was too cumbersome. Half booked through this and half through press release in Courier and personal contacts. Had too much food. Morrisons and Olivers particularly gave a lot. All liked the table layout with flowers and felt it was a really nice social event. If do a similar event, then the tasks needed should be divided up, so that it is not left to one person to do all the organising.All felt under pressure in the kitchen. Good to have one person organising the cooking. 

Next time, for invites, to focus on who we are targeting. People who haven't got much food, people who want to learn how to cook cheaply?

3)SC Xmas tree-decided to do-theme-Surplus food with message about not wasting food-veg with speech bubbles?

Action- Carolyn to get in touch with Ruth for info

Action-Esther, Jacqui, Polly, Carolyn, Dee to meet at Chris house, Nov 30th at 10.30 to make decorations

Action-All to think of ideas

Action-6th Dec, Carolyn,  Dee, Polly, Chris, Jacqui to decorate Tree in the Church at 3pm. All to bring lights (led)

Action-Esther to write a piece for the Xmas tree fest mag

4)SC seedshare-24/2/2018-Probably at Boniface Centre- Dee to check out Congregational Church? WAGs to provide the food using surplus food, similar to Grubs Up, but smaller.Dee wants to encourage a wider participation in the event, eg, more family things,involve schools? Also to have more stalls.

Action- Esther to contact Ruth re attending

Action-Dee to let Esther know of future planning meetings

5)Refill Devon plastic bottle scheme- decided to leave this til next year. Discused Jills info re plastic deposit bottle schemes info. Agreed to act in new year. 

6)Request from 'Kids who Care' for upcycling expertise. Decided that we did not have enough expertise for this and people were not available.

7) Date of next meeting-15th January 2018 at 2.15, Esthers house


We've done clothes swaps, plastic collections, give and take shops. So, what next?  

You are invited to a Waste Action Group meeting at the East Town Cafe in Crediton on Monday 16th October between 7pm and 9pm to have a coffee and help tbe group move forward with new projects. Look forward to seeing you! 


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