Review of Waste Action Group meeting


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1) Present

Carolyn, Esther, Anne, Chris, Polly, Bob


2) Food Sharing event

Esther updated the group on what had been achieved so far. Both Morrisons and Tescos said they would be able to donate some food. Esther had not asked the Co-op yet. Waiting to hear back from the foodgroup to see if they want to be involved, perhaps doing the teas and coffees. 

Decided to move it to September 30th. Discussed what to call the event. Possibly, 'Share it, Cook It, Eat it'. People to be asked to bring surplus garden produce and surplus store cupboard/fridge items. No meat or fish. Cash donations to be asked for, but not to charge for the lunch. People to share their food saving tips on a noticeboard.

Action: Esther to contact the Boniface Centre to book the date (kitchen, Dockum room and Fulda room)
Action: Esther to contact the Co-op and the SC foodgroup. 
Action: Carolyn to liaise with 'Love Food, Hate Waste' people about a poster.


3) Articles for SC newsletter

Action: Esther to write something about the Compost event she is attending on 18th March.

Action: Polly  to also write an article. 


4) DCCN/DCRN Community gathering on 29th March at the Boniface Centre

REuse open space event to discuss the future. Anne to attend. 


5) AOB

Esther to ask Sarah for the names of people who have expressed an interest in joining WAGs, but who can only attend evening meetings. 


6) Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 26th April, 2pm at Esthers (Will need to discuss arrangements for the food festival recycling then).


 Post meeting update - The Boniface Centre on 30th September is free, so I have sent off the booking form.


Notes from last meeting


Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome!  

Please contact Esther, our group co-ordinator for further details.



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