Review of July Waste Action Group Meeting


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1) Apologies

Chris and Anne. Anne reported that she cannot be part of WAGS for the time being.


2) Matters Arising

Food festival recycling - feedback to be discussed at next meeting


3) Devon Refill Project

Info given by Ruth from CAG/DCC. Lots of resources available to run a project locally with the aim to  reduce the use of single use plastic bottles. Method - approach local businesses to display a sticker in their window to alert passers by to the fact that they can fill up their water bottles there. Business names are put on an app which the public can use. Uffculme are taking part in the project, help can be sought from them. 

Action - At next meeting to decide whether the group wants to be involved


4) Planning for Food Sharing Event on 30th September

Volunteers on the day:

Cooks and food preparation - Bob, Polly, Carolyn,Chris, Nicola Frost

Front of house duties: setting up tables, washing up afterwards, decorations (flowers on tables, bunting), writing menu board, welcoming people - Esther, Ruth (Mel)

Action: Esther to email Paul Cleave

Action: All to recruit more volunteers and send info to Esther

Sourcing the Food:

Esther reported that she had already been in touch with Morrisons, Tescos, Coop with varying success.

Action - Esther has now contacted the Coop and has had a very positive response. She will keep in touch with them.

Action - Esther to attend meeting with Tescos on 10th August and to ask Tescos about providing staple foods as well as veg etc. Also to ask Nessies, Boabab Cafe, Ashtons, Crediton Foodbank and to follow up with Morrisons.

Action - Polly to ask about surplus food from Stevie Bs, Olivers, 4 Seasons, Treloars, Greenshop.

We will advertise the names of the businesses who have donated at the lunch.

Action - All to provide any food surplus from their gardens on the day. 


Two types of soup, bread (if the bread is not fresh may need to toast it or make brucetta), 2 desserts, maybe fruit salad and a crumble. Ruth may be able to donate staple foodstuffs.

Advertising/Inviting guests:

Action - Carolyn to set up 'evenbrite' and to redesign an A5 invite with Ruth's help and to send to volunteer list supplied by Esther by 23rd August.

Action - All to email Carolyn the names of anyone else they want to invite as soon as possible.

Action - Esther to contact Charles about using facebook and also to put the event in the SC newsletter at the end of August.

Aim of inviting 50 people to begin with, possibly 40 people at the lunch.

Action - Esther to get in touch with youth worker at the Methodist Church for volunteers and lunch guests and also to extend invitation to some people at the foodbank. (Paper copies of invites to be printed for this).

Action - After the event has taken place send a press release to Courier.

Premises & Equipment:

Action - Esther to contact Boniface Centre to change start time to 9 am, & to check with Charles about SC public liability insurance. 

Action - Ruth to send Esther a sample risk assessment to use. 

Action - Esther to visit Boniface to check out the equipment available, particularly large pans.Ruth can supply more cooking equipment. (She will send a list to Esther).


5) Date of next meeting

Monday 4th September at 2 pm at Esther's, primarily to plan lunch. 


 Notes from last meeting 


Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome! 


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