Learning how to compost

29 March 2017

I attended the Compost Doctor Training in March and learnt about several different ways to make compost, for example using a compost tumbler, wormery, New Zealand composter or a green cone. I never realised there were so many different ways to turn your vegetable peelings into good stuff for the garden! I found out where I was going wrong with my composting. In future I will be adding lots of air to the mix by putting in cardboard, paper and twiggy material. I will also try leaving grass cuttings on the lawn, apparently it will give the earth below extra nutrients. 

For anyone who wants to learn more about composting  take a look at the Recycle Devon website. There is even the chance to win a free compost bin!

Also recommended is the 'Composting for All' booklet by Nicky Scott.  The Waste Action Group does have a number of these booklets and will be giving them out at our next event.

NOTE: Crediton Garden Club will be holding a talk on composting on Tue 25th April at Crediton Library at 7.30 p.m. Anyone is welcome to attend.