Devon Community Resource Gathering

26 April 2017

The day was organised by DCRN, a networking organisation funded by DCC. The event was held at the Boniface Centre in Crediton. Delegates from organisations involved in reuse, recycling and composting attended from all over Devon - Coombe Martin, Chudleigh, South Brent, Chagford, Uffculme and Buckfastleigh to name but a few.

DCRN has been supporting community action to recycle more since 1994 and aims to address the depletion of the Earth's resources. It has set up a resource network to enable like-minded organisations to help and support each other.

Reuse projects include Refurnish, Totnes Store Shed, Repair It! events and the DCC reuse forum.

Reduce projects include Love Food, Hate Waste; Real Nappy project, Resource Futures.

There is a Community Resource centre at Chagford - Proper Job, and Community Repaint scheme.

Nicky Scott gave a talk on biochar - making charcoal from waste clippings & compost, and Annette Dentith from DCC explained community project funding and recycling credits, explaining why the latter paid much less than previously. She also reassured everyone and guaranteed that NO recycling goes to incineration.

The rest of the day was spent on "open space" sessions where groups discussed what help they needed with their various projects, and what was most important.   

A delicious lunch was included, cooked by the owner of the Baobob cafe in Crediton, and specially designed to keep everyone alert and awake through the afternoon!  

Many people found the day inspiring and energising, and realised that talking to like-minded individuals helped to motivate them and encourage them when they knew just how much was being done across the county.

United together, we are stronger than the sum of the individuals is true!  

To find out more about DCRN see their website, or find them on Facebook.