26th April 2017

Waste Action Group meeting

Notes from last meeting Anyone interested in Reducing, Reusing or Recycling is welcome to come and join our small friendy group and see what we are planning. All ideas welcome! ...

29th March 2017

Devon Community REsource Gathering

Celebrating over 20 years supporting Devon Communities Please come together to acknowledge the strength of Devon Communities and reaffirm the hugely positive impact that community groups and individuals across the county have made in saving wasted resources. It's also time to say a big thank you t ...

27th February 2017

Love Food, Hate Waste

Two members of Sustainable Crediton's Waste Action group have been inspired by this Community Action Group (CAG) Devon project event on reducing food waste and attended an event to become "Food champions". UK households waste around £12.5 billion worth of good food and drink each year, costing ...

22nd February 2017

Love Food Hate Waste Training

In the UK, we throw away 7 million tonnes of household food and drink every year, the majority of which could have been eaten. The average family wastes around £720. CAG Devon want to work with you and your community to do something about this. Are you passionate about good food? Would you like to ...

29th January 2017

North Tawton Plastic Recycling Continues

NORTH TAWTON RECYCLING PROJECT - Reducing landfill and promoting recycling Our household plastic waste collection is held in the public car park, The Square, North Tawton, on the third Saturday of every month, 10am to 12 noon. We have seven volunteers plus members of the Environmental Group, who ...

Photograph of recycled cans collected at the Crediton Food Festival, 2010
29th January 2017

Campaign for bottle deposit return schemes


An investigation has just uncovered that drinks giant Coca Cola is lobbying against deposit return schemes in the UK. 
In the UK alone we use 35 million plastic bottles every day and as many as 16 million of these go unrecycled - ending up on our beaches, in landfill and in our oceans.

The concept is simple - when you buy a bottled drink you pay a little bit extra, and when you return the bottle, you get your money back. The more bottles returned, the more can be reused or recycled - reducing the amount that end up polluting our oceans.

Similar schemes in other countries have been shown to boost the amount of bottles that are collected to a whopping 98% - so we know they can have a huge impact. 

Plastic is killing our oceans - please sign the petition  to show your support and help fight back against plastic pollution.                               

Sign the petition now