15th October 2010

Waste Action Group Visit to Punchbowl

5 members of the group recently made a trip to Punchbowl Recycling Centre near Crediton to find out more about how the centre operates. We were given a comprehensive tour by Dominic Treacher of Devon Waste Management who are paid by Devon County Council to run all the recycling centres in Devo ...

1st October 2010

Waste Management Conference

4 members of the group participated in a conference in Tiverton last week that included representatives from Devon County Council, MDDC, Viridor (who have planning permission to build a new Energy from Waste (EfW) plant at Marsh Barton, Exeter) as well as a number of Community Groups such as T ...

15th September 2010

Waste Action Group Meeting

31st August 2010

Waste Action Group News

Recycling Plastics - Please help us do MORE!!

We know that the overuse of plastics in food packaging and the fact that much plastic packaging is currently not collected by the MDDC recycling lorries, is a subject that causes a lot of anger and frustration among local households who are committed to the 3R's, reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Waste Action Group are listening and will be organising a pilot plastics collection scheme in Crediton in 2011. In the meantime however did you know it is possible to recycle much of your plastic food packaging waste at Punchbowl or Ashleigh recycling centres.

29th July 2010

News from the Waste Action Group

We are delighted that our recent applications to Mid Devon Community Recycling for a portion of their wind up funds were both successful. As a result we shall be running two new projects in 2011:

A Clothes Swopping and Restyling Event (Swishing for short)

We plan to run an all day event at the Boniface in the late winter/early spring to attract people from late teens onwards. There will be two elements to the day. The first is a clothes swop where people can bring along clothes, bags and shoes that are clean and in good condition to swop for similar items of their choice to take home. We will also have a young designer present who will run demos and workshops on how to take a piece of clothing from your existing wardrobe and update it with some simple changes and additions to provide a fresh new look. There will be refreshments throughout the day. We anticipate this will be the first of a series of similar seasonal events to encourage people to take a new look
at their wardrobe and how to make the best use of it without having to spend lots of money on new clothes. 

A Plastics Collection Pilot Project

The second event for which we were awarded funds is to be a 3 month pilot project for the collection and recycling of clean plastic containers in Crediton. Plastic is the most contentious throw away substance on the planet today and pretty much every supermarket trolley load of goods contains plastic containers however careful we are as shoppers.
The Waste Action Group plan to work together with MDDC and to have 4 collection points at easily accessible locations in Crediton. If we can make the system self supporting financially it could be taken over by MDDC and extend beyond the three months to become a long term project that greatly benefits the environment. 

Watch out for dates and further details of both projects. If you have a particular interest in either
why not get in touch with our group co-ordinator, Paula, and chat about how you might become involved in a way that suits the time you have available and your interests.

5th June 2010

News from the Waste Action Group

Food Festival Recycling

The Wags will be organising the recycling at the Crediton Food Festival on June 19th and 20th. Please look out for the 2 banks of recycling bins that will be on the Town Square, use them and encourage others at the Food Festival to do so as well. Thank you

Plastic Bags

We are currently in contact with both Crediton's major supermarkets with the aim of encouraging them to reduce their waste stream and minimise the number of plastic bags issued to customers. More information on this as it arises.

Further Projects

You may have heard that Mid Devon Community Recycling has been wound up after many years of excellent work in Mid Devon. The recycling has now been taken in-house by MDDC and you should have noticed no difference to your doorstep service. There is however a small pot of money left from MDCR's activities to be distributed in Mid Devon for recycling related projects. We have applied for funding for two projects in Crediton. We hope to be letting you know details of what we plan in next month's newsletter if we are successful with our funding bids.

30th March 2010

Waste Action Group News

Swishing Event

We are planning a Swishing (clothes swopping) event this autumn in a central venue in Crediton. Further details will emerge over the next couple of newsletters but please start saving your unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags that are in a good, reusable condition to bring along and you will be able to swop them for a new wardrobe!!

If you know of anyone who is good at updating and revamping clothes who might be willing to come along and help us with a workshop during the event please pass on their details to me.

24th February 2010

Waste Action Group Meeting

21st January 2010

Waste Action Group News

Plastic Bag Free Crediton updates

For the next few months we will be monitoring plastic bag use and food waste at our 2 major supermarkets Tesco and Morrisons. We will be contacting the Managers and working as closely as possible with them and the staff to see what influence we can have over reducing bag use and food wastage at both stores. If you use either store and see incidents of single use plastic carrier bags being freely on show and/or given out to customers without request or of food being thrown out because it is past its sell by date, please tell any member of the WAG group known to you or contact Paula. 

Punchbowl Recycling Centre

We have been told of incidences when the staff at Punchbowl Recycling Centre near Crediton can be unhelpful and unfriendly and will not accept the full list of recyclates as published by DCC. If you have experienced this please send brief details including approx date it happened in writing to Paula. If we find these incidences appear to be happening regularly and can build a body of evidence that upholds this view, we will contact DCC with a view to seeing what can be done to improve the situation.  

Clothes Swop/Swishing Event

We plan to organise a clothes swop event in the spring and are keen to do this in conjunction with the young people of Crediton. If you would like to be involved with such an event or know of any young people who love clothes and would be keen to participate please contact Paula.