The Scavenger Network

Would you like a readily available site on the web to recycle unwanted and unused items from your home, business or organisation? Or a place to find stuff that might be of use to you?

Take a look at the  Scavenger Reuse and Recycle Network website. The site is still continuing to grow but is in need of more friendly people to help it reach the critical mass which it needs to make it work really really well! They currently have all sorts of interesting organisations and people on board but need help to make the network grow.
A bit about the network's aims and uses: 

  • A living inventory of all the surplus, unwanted or un-used, items that exist within homes and businesses across the UK.
  • Promoting the re-use of all things and reducing the quantity of things that are being thrown away and taken to landfill sites.
  • Creating links between people and businesses to enable them to easily give away their unwanted things to others who do want them. 

The Scavenger Network will do all of the hard work for you (well some of it) by continually searching for things
matching your saved searches/wanted items, then instantly emailing you when it finds a match! 

To find out more see the Scavenger Reuse and Recycle Network website  or contact