Refill your water bottle for free!

Any premises displaying this logo will refill your water bottle free of charge

With summer in full swing, people are encouraged to dring more water when it is hot. A recently introduced scheme offers people the chance to refill their own reusable water bottles with tap water for free.

The initiative aims to help stem the tide of single-use plastic bottles and promote healthy hydration by making refilling your water bottle easy, convenient and free!

Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and businesses display a round, blue sticker in their window and can be located via the Refill app, inviting passers-by to "Refill Here."

The businesses in Crediton that have signed up to offer free water to anyone taking along their own bottle are:

Planet Play

East Town Café


Green House

Crediton Coffee Co

Grape and Grain




Trawlers Catch

Chefs Choice Fish and Chips


This is part of a wider initiative,  Refill Devon which builds on the success of Refill around the UK.  which now boasts a network of more than 1,600 Refill Stations.

From now on, as you leave the house in the morning, remember your reusable bottle along with keys, wallet etc. You need never go thirsty again! Check out the website if you would like to sign up your business or find out where you can refill.