Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal


Book cover for "Waste Uncovering the Global Food Scandal" by Tristram Stuart

This is a truly eye opening book that deals with the subject of food wastage both in the UK and worldwide. It looks at food waste at many levels; at source or in other words at the farming and fishery level, at the intermediary level of food product manufacture, at the retail level by supermarkets, small shops, restaurants and takeaways and also at the final user level by us as consumers in our homes. The results for the amount of food wasted when you add all
these together are astounding: the author estimates that conservatively up to 50% of all food grown, raised and
caught is thrown away uneaten! 

The implications of this are dealt with in detail and are well worth reading. The author shows not only how we
have created this scandalous amount of waste but also the relatively simple ideas that can fix it and how we can feed all the world's hungry including the anticipated 3 billion increase in world population whilst at the same
time restoring our natural environment and protecting our rainforests and other vulnerable habitats. 

The book is well researched, in a very readable format and endorses the concept of localisation. It is essential reading if you are interested in reducing waste or in how we are going to feed the world over the coming decades.