Do You Shop for Meat at Cox's the Butchers in Crediton High Street?

If you do your meat shopping at Cox's in Crediton High Street and HATE plastic waste we have good news for you.

After a very friendly phone chat with Paula Mossman of the Waste Action Group Cox's have agreed that you can take along your own clean re-usable containers to the shop for your meat purchases and that they will put your meat straight into them wherever possible. This means a small plastic bag is saved every time you buy your sausages, chops etc at the shop.

OK so this is only a little step in reducing plastic waste, but it represents a big step forward in attitude and we are sincerely grateful to Cox's for being the pioneers of such a scheme in Crediton. 

And if you are currently a meat eater who buys meat in the supermarket perhaps you would consider making a change and buying some or all of your purchases at Cox's to support this scheme. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this way of buying meat becomes the norm, gradually spreads to all Cox's shoppers and then to other butchers. It is well within our power to make that happen by leading by example!