Household Plastic collections in Crediton


Come on Down!

Yes - we would love to see you in Peck & Strong's car park at one of our bi-monthly collection days.  We, Sustainable Crediton's Waste Action Group (aka the Crediton WAGs!) will be there, collecting your household plastic waste.

Those of you who have seen us there, may think we are mad:  delving into the dumpy bags of plastic to fish out the few items that need to be sorted separately from the bulk of the plastic you bring us.  But we think it is worth it, to ensure that as much as possible of Crediton's plastic waste is recycled rather than going to landfill.

Over the last three years we have collected more than 700 dumpy bags from 16 collections in Crediton, Sandford and Cheriton Fitzpaine.  With your help we have saved 11 tons of plastic from going to landfill.  Thank you.

Now we need your help to make the lives of Crediton's WAGs (all volunteers) a bit easier.  Please can you keep the following in mind, when collecting your plastic to recycle:

  -  if you are making a trip to the Punchbowl or Ashley Recycling Centre with other items, please take your plastic with you rather than saving it for us

  -  if at all possible, please do not bring your plastic down to Peck & Strong's the night before our collections.  Peck & Strong produce delicious cakes, pies and tarts and do not wish vermin to be attracted to their premises!

  -  our collections are for clean, plastic food, drink and household (e.g. cleaning products/shampoo bottles) containers

  -  we also collect garden plastic pots and trays


IMPORTANTLY, please make sure all containers have been rinsed, and that you do not include general rubbish in with the plastic.

If you have space at home, please separate out black and brown plastic items from all the other colours, including clear plastic.  They all get recycled, but we sort the black and brown into separate dumpy bags.

  -  we can now accept bubble wrap.  Please separate it from the rest of your plastic.

  -  we are unable to accept cling film, cellophane, and polystyrene.

  -  plastic milk bottles and plastic bags should be recycled in your doorstep recycling box.


Dates for 2015 are Sat 10am to 1230pm on:

31 Jan, 28 Mar, 30 May, 25 Jul, 26 Sep & 28 Nov

Look our for our orange leaflets with the details of our plastic collections for 2015.  We'll be in Peck & Strong's car park in 2015 - waiting for you to 'come on down' to continue filling our dumpy bags with your waste household plastic containers.


If you would like to know more, have a specific query about our plastic collections, or wish to become a Crediton WAG (we run other projects in Crediton you might like to get involved with), please contact us by email at