8th December 2016

Friends of Crediton Station Bulb Planting Session

The Friends of Crediton Station are looking for new volunteers to help look after the flower beds and planters on the platforms. On 8th December we will be planting bulbs including Narcissus, Hyacinths and Tulips and welcome any Crediton residents who would like to help us planting for a colourful ...

Graphic illustration of an eco-friendly car
27th November 2016

Take me for a ride in your electric car car 2

Take me for a ride in your electric car car 2 So last time we'd got as far as deciding to take the plunge and buy an electric car. Before we went ahead, though, there were a few choices to make which I should probably explain to other potential purchasers. The first was whether to lease or buy ...

Graphic illustration
19th October 2016

Take me for a ride in your electric car car 1

This is the first entry of a blog I'm going to write about electric cars*. My story begins at Sustainable Crediton's recent talk on electric cars. After my speaker dropped out at the last minute, I was forced to cobble together some (hastily googled) notes to try and salvage the evening. Fortunate ...

Photograph of the Nissan Leaf
30th September 2016

An electric car is not for me .... or is it?

I have to admit that when I went along to our recent talk on electric cars I was convinced that they were not for me. As much as I love the idea of a clean, green vehicle, I have to travel quite a bit and don't fancy spending hours of my life charging up at motorway service stations or getting stuc ...

13th June 2016

Do you fancy going for a ride to Bow Garden Centre and around?

****Regrettably the June Community Ride will not be going ahead now. Apologies for any disappointment caused**** ...

16th May 2016

Do you fancy going for a ride to Sandford and around?

Regrettably the Community Ride on May 16th was cancelled. Apologies for any disappointment caused. ...

24th April 2016

Fancy a bike ride to Eggesford Garden Centre on 24th April?

"B" Ride with Exeter CTC on Sunday 24 April starting from 26 Old Tiverton Road EX17 1EG at 10am with coffee and cake, cycling on the lanes to the west via Bow to Eggesford Garden Centre, where we will eat our picnics, returning on lanes, via Morchard Bishop and Sandford to Crediton. Exeter CTC are ...

Interrail logo
31st January 2016

Transport Group

The Transport Group met on 25th January. Topics of discussion included transport infrastructure within the Neighbourhood Plan, engagement with schools and the progress of the Boniface Trail project. Did you know that an adult and two children can travel anywhere in Europe by Interrail for just £ ...

25th January 2016

Transport Group Meeting

The meeting is open to all those in Sustainable Crediton who are interested in transport issues in and around Crediton. Directions: Go up Penton Lane for 100 yards and then turn left into a driveway ...