2nd December 2010

Free Parking in Crediton

There will be FREE PARKING in St Saviours Way Car Park, Crediton all day on the following Saturdays:

Saturday 4th December (Farmers Market)

Saturday 11th December

Saturday 18th December (Xmas Farmers Market)

Cllr Bob Wright: "Come and shop in your LOCAL shops and help our town centre survive and thrive."

2nd December 2010

Choose cheap local motoring - join Co-Cars

Here is inspiration from Taunton. We want one too!! A new pay as you go car is at Taunton Deane Borough Council offices, 5 minutes from the train station is accessible for all residents, businesses and even Sustainable Crediton members when in Taunton! For more information on how to join a ...

30th October 2010

Choose cheap local motoring - join Co-Cars

Now's the time to choose cheap local motoring. We already have ten people who want to join Co-Cars either because they don't have a car, or would like to be able to save the cost of owning one, and the hassle of maintaining and parking it too. If we can just double that number, we should be ab ...

29th July 2010

Solar-powered plane sets new non-stop flying record

There's hope for air transport yet!

29th June 2010

Shop bags' 7p levy set for 2011 says Welsh minister

We applaud the Welsh Government for passing a law to bring in a plastic carrier bag tax of 7p a bag across Wales shortly.

When the Irish Government did a similar thing 3 years ago plastic carrier use dropped by 95%. Good on the Welsh and the Irish!!

20th June 2010

Bike Ride from Tesco to Town Square

There was a great atmosphere as several young families joined in Crediton's Bike Week 2010 event and 21 people cycled together on a new safe route, and a bit of main road, to arrive with aplomb at the Food Festival. Route: Tesco's bus and bike only road parallel with railway to level ...

5th June 2010

Co-Cars at the Market

The co-car, www.co-cars.co.uk exhibited at the June Farmers' Market, has brought more potential members for a car club in Crediton. Streets with parking problems will be targetted for a leaflet drop, as guaranteed parking for car club members is a definite advantage. John Skrine and Laura Con ...

30th March 2010

News from the Transport Group

It is an excellent time to join Transport Group and / or express interest in the Car Club.

We are close to getting a Co-Car for Crediton

National Bike Week is coming up. Shall we arrange a ride?

We hope to hear how Involve can help us.

7th March 2010

Eco Driving Competion

Think up a bumper sticker slogan in less than 6 words such as 'Driving Speeds Down in Devon' and win £100 in vouchers.

Competition closes on 25th March 2010.

21st January 2010

Good News On Biodiesel

From Bill Brown, of Green Earth Biodiesel

It is quite a rarity as its an example of Government and the Treasury getting something right. I'm not sure if you were aware but Biodiesel sold for road use receives a 20p per litre subsidy compared to conventional diesel, this allows us to compete on price with mineral diesel. We were due to lose this subsidy in April 2010, with it being replaced by something known as the RTFO (Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation), the RTFO was intended as a mechanism to increase the amount of renewables in road fuel and through a system of trading certificates biodiesel producers would be able to recover the value of the lost subsidy. Due to a woeful miscalculation in 2008, the RTFO scheme has yet to deliver anything like 20p per litre for the producers and subsequently a number of producers formed the UK Sustainable Biodiesel Producers Association and lobbied hard for the retention of the 20p per litre subsidy, arguing that current policy, if implemented would kill the UK biodiesel industry dead within a matter of months.

Although it didn't make it into The Chancellors pre budget report speech, buried deep in the report is confirmation that the 20p subsidy will continue until April 2012. This in itself is great news but of equal importance is the that from April 2010 the subsidy will only apply to biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil. It is fantastic that at last  Government policy will differentiate between sustainable UK produced fuel and imported fuels. It had been a thorn in the side to most UK based producers that Super tankers loads of Indonesian Palm Oil Biodiesel attracted the same tax breaks as UK fuel even though it offered nothing in terms of sustainability.

18th January 2010

Co Cars public meeting

Dokkum room (and Fulda if necessary) Mark Hodgson of Co cars Exeter is coming to explain the Exeter scheme. ...