Our objectives for 2009

  • To investigate cycling proficiency and recommended standards in local schools. To lobby so that these standards are reached by 2010
  • To work with campaigners in Tiverton to achieve the Exeter - Cowley stretch of cycle path as priority. To maintain pressure to achieve completion of cycle path by 2014 at the latest.

  • To conduct a survey within 6 months to suggest suitable sites for high visibility cycle racks within Crediton. To have them fitted within 5 years.

  • To suggest that two way traffic for cyclists along Belle Parade and Church Street be achieved within 2 years.

  • To influence town council to allow cycling in Newcombes Meadow 

  • To become informed and to influence Town Council's Transport strategy.

  • To prepare an action campaign within 3 months in case bus fares rise beyond inflation.

  • To gauge interest re Co Cars in Copplestone and Westwood, Crediton within 6 months.

24th October 2009

Cycling Demo

18 cyclists and 2 pedestrians, tooting hooters and ringing bells, set off for the Town Square and Crediton Counts event from Exeter Road, heart of Crediton pollution. To a lively tune from the Town Band and warm applause for their carbon-free arrival, the group rode a couple of laps of honour ...

22nd September 2009

Devon Car Free Day

Can we all use public transport for the day or at least arrange to car share? The aim of the day is to get people to leave their cars at home, explore other options of getting to work and to reduce their carbon footprint. Commuters have been very creative in previous years, using tandems, s ...

1st July 2009

Crediton - Exeter Cycle Path

A PETITION is being circulated on paper (and by email) for Crediton - Exeter Cycle Path. Please sign.

21st June 2009

Get More out of Life, Get Cycling!

During National Bike Week, members of CCA Transport Group, together with other organisations, held two cycling events. 1. Cheriton Bishop and Tedburn St Mary youth clubs together cycled 17 miles of hilly lanes. They were rewarded with a "Biker's Bite" from the Traidcraft stall at Crediton' ...

27th May 2009

Transport Group News

CCA Transport group has put some proposals through for consideration by the Sustainable Communities Act. Following an inspiring day conference with John Whitelegg in Exeter on 9 May and knowing of follow up by Transition Exeter Transport group, CCA Transport group submitted the following t ...

Logo for the Crediton Courier
27th May 2009

Crediton Link Road

There is a poll on the Crediton Country Courier website site where you can vote on the latest proposed route.

Why not have your say.

25th March 2009

Don't be an April Carbon-Fool

Share your passion for public and sustainable transport through:-

  • National Bike Week

  • Crediton Cycle Path

  • Co-cars

Increasing use of buses and trains....

CCA Transport group is open, welcoming and important.