22nd September 2008

Devon Car Free Day

In advance of Devon Car Free Day in Sept , Crediton high street shoppers were eager to accept new bus timetables from members of Transport Group. 70 timetables were given away in as many minutes with group members offering appreciation and encouragement to all bus users and school walking mums ...

17th September 2008

Transport Group Meeting

12th July 2008

Buses, Trains and Cars

We are now directing energy towards increasing bus and train use, and developing car share (as in ownership) and car share (as in lifts).

29th June 2008

Car-Free Sunday!

Go to church without the car. Give your car a day of rest!. Or .........If you can't get about without transport, offer others a lift. Fill your car. Empty the car park!! ...

21st June 2008

Midsummer Cycle Ride

36 cyclists took part in Crediton's second cycle event last month during national Bike Week and wrote letters to campaign for safer cycling in Crediton, a cycle path to Exeter, and more courtesy from car drivers. Visit Bike Week to see photos of Crediton's event - 12th row of thumbnails Ph ...

29th March 2008

Reclaim Crediton for Cycling

An astonishing turn out. Despite the rain and wind we had 50 cycling down Crediton High Street to the Town Square. One young cyclist told me she is 6. Another even younger, on a pink bicycle, was accompanied by her dad running along beside her. 74 was probably the oldest, coming over th ...

21st January 2008

The No Flying Club

I am becoming quietly amazed by the growing number of people who have made a commitment to stop flying in the future. So would it not be a good idea to form a club? The purpose of the club would be twofold. (a) To give the lie to that tired old adage "you'll never stop people flying", ...

14th January 2008

Transport Group Meeting