3rd December 2007

Transport Group News

I have agreed to write to Stagecoach to request a public meeting re fares. Linda, do you know the contact/ public relations officer?  Please can you forward their name to me? I will send a draft if you or others in CCA would like me to. We would like to hold this meeting in late March or early April. 

I would like to hold a group cycle event down Crediton High Street and have suggested Sat 26 April. Anna reminded us of Reclaim the Streets campaign so the event title, when anyone thinks of one, can reflect this. Its aims will be confidence building for those who might like cycle more often, especially along our High Street, publicity for cyclists, for this form of transport and for CCA as a whole. 

As a group we agreed to rotate in attending / informing steering group meetings. 

16th November 2007

CCA Transport Group

This is being re-activated by Laura Coynyngham who many of you will know and who was an instrumental part of getting Crediton Fair Trade Town status. There will be a meeting organised shortly to set some new achievable aims and targets for the group and to start taking action. If you feel passionately about local transport issues and would like to join the group contact Laura.

Karen Gutans sent in this remark about local transport recently:

"Not sure who to mention this to, but just thinking about using public transport more, and have discovered it is really quite expensive! My son has just turned 16, is still in full time education, but has to pay full fare of £3.60 (?) single from Exeter to Crediton. My 14 year old pays £2.40 child fare (?). It works out cheaper for me to drive them in! If we are to make better use of public transport the fare needs to be considerably reduced (£1-£2?)."

21st September 2007

Devon Car Free Day

Devon County Council are organising a county-wide initiative as part of international 'In Town Without My Car' day, calling it Devon Car Free Day. Fantastic savings on fares! There is also a competition for those getting to work by public transport. Why not see how many of your friends ...