Hire The Car Next Door

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Car sharing and a car club may be making progress very slowly as ways of using cars sustainably, so here's another idea. Whipcar is a website that enables you to make a bit of money hiring out your own car when you are not using it, or to hire somebody else's at a rate competitive with hire companies.

The website looks looks pretty straightforward and easy to use. There are already about half a dozen cars for hire between Copplestone and central Exeter - all within walking distance of a bus - so it's feasible here. Whipcar arranges the insurance, and owners' insurance is not affected.

If more people in the area hired out their cars in this way, it might well save a few more from owning one, or perhaps a second one. That will keep more cars off the road. And the hirers will make a little money and keep it circulating locally.

Find out more at Whipcar and there's a review at Freelance Advisor.