Bio-diesel No longer on sale in Crediton

From Devon, For Devon

Greenearth Biodiesel are no longer supplying biodiesel in Crediton.

Greenearth Biodiesel has launched biodiesel from waste vegetable oil. It is suitable for any diesel-powered vehicle, produces 76% per less carbon emissions and works out about 5p a litre cheaper than normal diesel. The fuel is on sale to the public on 9am -12noon on Saturday from Unit 4 Marsh End, Lords Meadow. The plant has been set up by two brothers - Jonathon and William Brown. "I believe we are the only commercial manufacturers of bio-diesel in Devon. We quality test at every stage of production to ensure our fuel is to the highest standard so people can have real confidence in using this fuel again." 

The vegetable oil comes almost exclusively from the Westcountry. Because it is an industrial unit, not a garage forecourt the fuel is sold by the drum. People come back and get the drums refilled.


"Bill Brown gave up his job at Crediton Dairy to do something for the environment. He researched Bio-fuel comprehensively. Bill now runs a one man operation on Crediton trading estate, producing Bio-diesel and selling it. The fuel that Bill produces is 75% less polluting than normal diesel. Bill makes the fuel himself in Crediton. Bill is ethical. He won't make bio-diesel from sources such as corn which could be fed to people or animals. He recycles once-used vegetable oil from a crisp manufacturer.The equipment which Bill has assembled is second hand and recycled. 

I now use Bill's fuel in my car. At first I was sceptical and used a mix with ordinary diesel. I now use full bio-diesel. And no engine conversion was needed. 

Bill's number is 07846 550034. Ring him first to make sure he is selling rather than making fuel at the time you want to try his fuel.

PS: Did I say that Bill's fuel if 5 pence a litre cheaper than normal diesel"

Rob Nicholls


"Fuel is always for sale on Sat from 9am to noon and at other times too if you call first. I have been using it in an 8 year old Citroen Picasso for a month on a 70/30 ratio with normal diesel with no problems whatsoever and only slight reduction in MPG over normal diesel, which is compensated for by the lower price."

 Paula Mossman

Call also for any advice on the suitability of biodiesel for your make of car.

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