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30th September 2017

Plastic bottles: UK must do more

I've signed a petition to sort out plastic bottle pollution and to show my support for the creation of  bottle deposit return schemes across the UK.

It would mean a lot to me if you'd add your name - you can sign here: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/plastic-drs-email-a-friend

Every day in the UK, 35 million plastic bottles are used and discarded. Almost half of these are not recycled and many of them end up in our oceans - killing marine life and threatening fragile ecosystems.

Deposit return schemes work by placing a small deposit on a plastic bottle, which you get back when you return it.

The more bottles that are returned, the more can be re-used or recycled, reducing the amount that end up as litter, in our oceans and in landfill.

It only takes a minute to get involved. Here's the link one more time: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/plastic-drs-email-a-friend

Thank you,

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22nd June 2017

Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaking Point

Exxon knew about climate change half a century ago. They deceived the public, misled their shareholders, and robbed humanity of a generation's worth of time to reverse climate change. Exxon's denial has lead to the impending break-up of one of Antarctica's biggest ice shelves. We need to make sure their role in causing the climate crisis is not forgotten.

This collapse of the ice shelf was created by Exxon's climate denial; it should be named after it too.

Call on the UK Antarctic Place Names Committee to name the iceberg that is about to form from Larsen C the #ExxonKnew Iceberg.

The UK Antarctic Place Names Committee is responsible for naming the Larsen Ice Shelf and they have a process for submitting place name suggestions. For every signature collected on the petition we will fill out a Antarctic Place Names Proposal form and submit it to the secretary of the committee.

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31st May 2017

Save the Paris climate deal

Donald Trump is tipped to pull the US out of the Paris Climate agreement in days! The only way to save it is to make sure six powerful countries who also signed this global deal stand in his way.

The US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK are about to meet at their annual G7 summit. The six say they'll protect Paris, but they could succumb to Trump's back room deals unless people everywhere expose this sham and say, NO WAY.

That's us! This is our global deal signed by 197 countries. We can't let Trump destroy it. Click to demand the six leaders draw a red line around Paris and share this everywhere.

2nd February 2017

Heads Above Water

Low-lying Bangladesh is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change, but its people are not helpless victims. Via traditional wisdom and pragmatic innovation, they are literally holding back the sea, writes Joseph Hanlon, and adapting to climate change. Sometimes I think that the media ...

29th January 2017

Join Greenpeace with action AGAINST Trump

Right now a climate change denier is getting comfy behind the grand desk in the Oval Office - with cash to spend and a pen poised to sign new laws. Across the world people who he has threatened will watch him being applauded and empowered on their TVs. But he is one man - and there are millions of us.

Donald Trump wants you to give up and let him shape the world in his backward vision. But politicians didn't start fighting climate change out of the blue: people across the world forced them to. A politician didn't stop racist segregation: thousands of civil rights activists forced them to. That's why we cannot put our feet up in 2017, that's why we want you to take action like never before.

Donald Trump will lead the one of the most powerful countries in the world for at least four years. He's threatened our planet and he's threatened Muslims, women and countless others. That's why there's absolutely no way I'm going to sit and watch the Donald Trump show on the sidelines.

2016 has shown that Greenpeace needs to stand stronger than ever in all of the 55 countries we work in. Just last week, Greenpeace activists and a victim of Hurricane Sandy disrupted the confirmation hearing of oil-exec Rex Tillerson, making international news.

I'm hoping that like our friends in the USA, you'll be prouder and bolder than ever to stand up for what you believe in. So if you believe in building bridges, not walls, if you believe that creatures on this planet matter more than the cash on it & that people matter more than profit, I'm asking you to take action like never before. Here's what you can do.