Brexit must NOT mean Clexit!

31 August 2016

With Parliament back from its summer recess their focus is firmly on working out how Britain will leave the EU.

You may have read about a new group "Clexit" which is calling for the UK to withdraw from climate treaties (including the Paris agreement). This would be a catastrophic step backwards for the environment and we urge everyone to totally reject this approach.

We have written to our local MP, Mel Stride asking him to ensure that the environment doesn't suffer as a result of Brexit:

Dear Mel

I am writing on behalf of Sustainable Crediton to ask for your support in maintaining environmental standards when the UK leaves the EU.

Sustainable Crediton is a local environmental group with over 750 members, dedicated to helping people in Crediton and the local area lead more sustainable lifestyles and work towards a carbon neutral future. The group does not have a corporate position on whether the UK should remain a member of the EU, however we have always been clear on the beneficial impact that EU legislation has had in many areas of environmental policy. We believe it is essential that these standards are maintained, should the UK leave the EU.

While a majority of votes cast supported leaving the EU in the recent referendum, the vote did not clarify what form any future relationship with the EU should take. We therefore believe that Parliament should debate and agree any policy positions that the UK takes into exit negotiations (assuming Parliament also decides that the UK should leave the EU).

Whenever such debates are held, we call on you to support the following position:

  • First, all existing EU environmental legislation should be maintained in the UK after leaving the EU.
  • Second, a UK-EU forum should be established for drawing up future environmental standards, and these standards should be legally binding on both sides.

These objectives could be achieved by any number of arrangements including (though not limited to) membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) or a bilateral trade deal, similar to that negotiated by Switzerland.

We trust that you are able to support this position, which we believe is in both the UK's and
the EU's interest.