31st August 2016

Brexit must NOT mean Clexit!

With Parliament back from its summer recess their focus is firmly on working out how Britain will leave the EU. You may have read about a new group "Clexit" which is calling for the UK to withdraw from climate treaties (including the Paris agreement). This would be a catastrophic step backwards fo ...

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6th June 2016

EU Referendum Debate

Watch the video below or read a summary of the EU debate. Turn the volume up and fast forward to: 11:55 for the introductions 12:50 to hear Mary Quicke on the impact to the farming community 23:35 to hear Sam Robbins on the economic aspects 35:05 to hear David Jaques on the 'Leave' perspectiv ...

27th April 2016

Welcoming refugees Public Meeting

The meeting will be held at QE Upper School Drama Hall and will include presentations from local people who have been working in refugee camps in Lesbos, Samos and Calais. And will look at ways in which Crediton can act as host to a small number of Syrian families from the number agreed by the Gov ...

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31st March 2016

In? Out? Shake it all about!

We are currently organising a hustings-type event for the forthcoming EU referendum. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this event please contact me. ...

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31st March 2016

Successful AVAAZ Campaign on Ocean Plastic Clean-up

At the start of March there was an AVAAZ campaign to raise funds to turn a prototype ocean plastic vacuum cleaner into a full size working ship. In just two weeks 50,000 AVAAZ supporters donated sufficient funds for robotic development, tank testing and more public awareness raising events and the ...

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1st January 2016

Tell David Cameron it's time to act on flooding

The UK is flooding once again. Earlier this month Storm Desmond led to a record rainfall and devastating floods in Cumbria and the north of England.

And now Storms Eva and George have blown in - with Lancashire,  Yorkshire and Scotland particularly threatened by more devasting floods.

It's clear that climate change is making our weather more severe:  there's only so many times politicians can call rainfall "unprecedented" and not see the bigger picture of climate change.

But the Government isn't investing enough in flood defences, isn't planning properly for extreme climate change and is keeping us hooked on climate-changing fossil fuels.

Sign our joint petition with Greenpeace to tell David Cameron it's time to protect the country from the risks of flooding.