The Crediton Climate Challenge & Big Climate Change March

5 December 2015

Photocopy of the main article on the front page of the Mid-Devon Gazette 1st December 2015: "Setting an example to the politicians"

Blustery, wet and with a feel of the night after Crediton's Lights On, our Crediton Climate Challenge event, although smaller than the London rally, was also inspiring. Have you read of the commitment of 28 Crediton businesses, organisations and schools on specially designed posters? You should!

And there were 190 personal commitments.

One child committed to put warmer clothes on before asking if the heating at home could go up. Another promised to continue gathering firewood. 37 QE students promised to turn off lights and computers, recycle, have shorter showers, get dad to get a low emissions car, hang washing outside and walk to school.

My task was to give a passionate speech by heart. So I did!

In London, the following day, the Climate, Justice and Jobs rally of 50,000 people was good natured and well behaved. So well behaved that I feared we might not make it to TV news, but we did.

Gerald and I travelled to Paddington by train with Charlie Werner and Di Martin from Sandford, Alan Stewart from Crediton and many others we know.

In Park Lane, the wait was long but, once moving, the atmosphere was tremendous and several drumming groups kept our spirits up. Gusts of wind were challenging for those with banners.

We walked on to Lambeth Bridge, where, as planned, we met Mel Stride's assistant Mike Knuckey and passed him Crediton's special bag of commitments for Amber Rudd. We were proud to be there with the backing of all of you.

Laura Conyngham 3.12.15