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26th June 2014

Stop Cuadrilla fracking in Lancashire

Last time they fracked they caused earthquakes. Now Cuadrilla are back to try again.

Cuadrilla - the fracking company that caused earthquakes - is seeking permission for four fracking wells near the village of Little Plumpton.

This will be the UK's first multi and horizontal fracking site - right in the beautiful Fylde area of Lancashire.

The drilling will use millions of litres of freshwater, polluting it with chemicals, as well as creating toxic wastewater and air pollution.

If this fracking goes ahead it could pave the way for thousands of fracking wells across Lancashire and the UK.

But you can support the communities fighting the fracking threat by objecting to Cuadrilla's plans.

Please email your objection to Lancashire County Council.

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31st May 2014

Land grabbing for palm oil? NO means NO

In Liberia, the Jogbahn Clan is fighting to keep British palm oil company Equatorial Palm Oil PLC (EPO) from grabbing their land. On March 5, 2014, the community had a major success when the President of Liberia said EPO could not clear Jogbahn Clan land without community consent. The communities have stood firm and continue to say no. But EPO is not listening. The company continues to conduct studies of the clan's land in preparation for clearing.

Tell Equatorial Palm Oil to respect the Jogbahn Clan's rights. Sign our letter to the company and their majority shareholder, the Malaysian Palm oil giant KLK.